Content Creation:
We create content and convey your message across all channels

Because your potential customers use various types of media to find information, you must cover all these channels as well and provide them with good, invaluable and informative content, such as:

  • Text, graphics/images, tutorials and videos on your website
  • Long and short articles in print and online media
  • Compelling 3D animations at trade shows, in presentations, on websites, YouTube, on blogs etc. (more about 3D animations)
  • Video clips on news portals, on YouTube
  • Short news and links to more detailed information on Linkedin, Xing, Facebook and Twitter
  • In-depth technical articles and white papers in blogs and on expert sites
  • Good presentations during customer visits
  • Newsletter/Mailings…

Copywriting, graphics, print/online, 3D animations, videos etc. The team at HTC will help you to create great content. We will adapt content and technical formats to the requirements of media and distribution channels, at the same time ensuring that the content of your communications is always consistent, compelling and exciting!