Why use HTC for PR?

  1. Experienced and well connected
    We provide PR for technology companies and have been doing so since 1991. We personally know the manufacturers and the media and have strong relationships with editors.
  2. Our writing ability will delight your specialists!
    This may seem familiar to you: the agency provides you with copy, but it simply exasperates your expert specialists who in turn start rewriting the entire text! Our promise? After a short learning period with HTC, you will benefit from short briefings and convincing texts. Not convinced? Then ask our customers and put us to the test!
  3. Successful placement
    Short messages are good but long articles are better. We develop ideas and write copy for large-format publications. We prepare the topics relevant to you in such a way that editors and the media will be excited by them and like them.
  4. Active PR
    Ideas that remain just ideas, and articles that are never published will be of no use to you. Therefore, we will drive them forward by researching publication options in online and print media, we will pursue PR opportunities consistently and convincingly with their implementation. Ultimately we will provide an all-round service that you will love!
  5. We keep with the time and follow new paths - for example online and video PR.
    Online publications are becoming increasingly important – e-magazines, portals, blogs, newsletters, social media. That is why we integrate them into our PR activities and in PR, moving images are becoming more and more ‘sexy’ and important. Our video teams will showcase you in the media using video interviews, video narratives of round tables and forums etc.